Just2Tailors Product listing

Item Item # Grouping Category Price
Acorn Tape Measure 299 Accessories Accessories $35
Belt BL145 Accessories Accessories $45
Bib Apron 135 Accessories Accessories $25
Cockade CK100 Accessories Accessories $35
Egagetante EG100 Accessories Accessories $25
Farthingale FA100 Accessories Accessories $15
Jabot JA144 Accessories Accessories $25
Modesty Piece (Fichu) MO123 Accessories Accessories $25
Neckstock NS101 Accessories Accessories $20
Pannier 160 Accessories Accessories $45
Pockets PO700 Accessories Accessories $10
Regular Waistband Apron AP095 Accessories Accessories $20
Cotton/Lycra Socks CS099 Accessories Accessories $12
Men's Heavy Cotton Socks CS100 Accessories Accessories $12
Women's Heavy Cotton Socks CS101 Accessories Accessories $12
Men's Wool Socks WS200 Accessories Accessories $20
Women's Wool Socks WS100 Accessories Accessories $20
19th Century Dress DR100 Clothing Custom $225
Wedding Dress RB760 Clothing Custom $395
Balmoral BL011 Clothing Highlander $45
Glengary GG100 Clothing Highlander $30
Cotton Highland Shirt SH745 Clothing Highlander $65
Linen Highland Shirt SH750 Clothing Highlander $80
Jacobite Jacket JK1745 Clothing Highlander $300
Philabeg/Wee Kilt KL100 Clothing Highlander $100
Arrsaidh AR100 Clothing Highlander $0
Highland Reversible Bodice BD206 Clothing Highlander $65
Highland Velveteen Bodice BD208 Clothing Highlander $75
Chemise Clothing Highlander $0
Full Length Highland Gown FM800 Clothing Highlander $400
Highland Shortgown FM745 Clothing Highlander $325
Highland Stay JU260 Clothing Highlander $145
Petticoat Clothing Highlander $0
Cotton Duck, Lined Breeches BR121 Clothing Mens_Clothing $110
Cotton Duck, Lined with Pewter Buttons, Breeches BR123 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Linen, Cotton Lined Breeches BR127 Clothing Mens_Clothing $140
Linen, Cotton Lined with Pewter Buttons Breeches BR124 Clothing Mens_Clothing $150
Wool, Cotton Lined Breeches BR122 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Wool Cape CAP100M Clothing Mens_Clothing $275
1730's-1750 Frock Coat FC750 Clothing Mens_Clothing $400
Revolution War Frock Coat FC150 Clothing Mens_Clothing $400
Great Coat GT200 Clothing Mens_Clothing $400
Cotton Military Overalls BR340 Clothing Mens_Clothing $125
Linen Military Overalls BR350 Clothing Mens_Clothing $140
Cotton Military Trousers BR300 Clothing Mens_Clothing $115
Linen Military Trousers BR325 Clothing Mens_Clothing $130
Cotton Checked Shirt SH240 Clothing Mens_Clothing $60
Cotton Military SH200 Clothing Mens_Clothing $55
Cotton Ruffled SH245 Clothing Mens_Clothing $60
Linen Military SH303 Clothing Mens_Clothing $75
Linen Ruffled SH400 Clothing Mens_Clothing $80
Longhunter/Smock LS255 Clothing Mens_Clothing $80
Sailor's Slops SL225 Clothing Mens_Clothing $60
F&I Waist Coat Cotton WC600 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
F&I Wool Waist Coat With Cotton Back WC775 Clothing Mens_Clothing $130
Post Rev War or Military Waistcoat - Linen w/Cotton Back WC802 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Post Rev War Waistcoat - Cotton Brocade WC800 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Post Rev War Waistcoat - Wool with Cotton Back WC801 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Rev War Cotton with Cotton Back WC750 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Rev War Wool Linen or Silk WC752 Clothing Mens_Clothing $140
Rev War Wool with Cotton Back WC751 Clothing Mens_Clothing $120
Revolutionary Era British 44th Regiment of Foot Uniform FC151* Clothing Regimental $625
George Washington's Regimental Coat FC151 Clothing Regimental $500
George's Buff Wool Breeches BR122 Clothing Regimental $145
George's Buff Wool Waistcoat WC751 Clothing Regimental $140
Military Shirt, Cotton SH200 Clothing Regimental $55
Star Shoulder Boards. Pair SB300 Clothing Regimental $75
Tricorn, Cocked and Trimmed FH500 Clothing Regimental $80
French Marine Justacorp JC350 Clothing Regimental $400
Revolutionary Era of Navy Wool with Red Piping FC200 Clothing Regimental $500
Roger's Rangers Coat RR300 Clothing Regimental $325
Ulster County Militia Regitmental Coat FC151* Clothing Regimental $475
Reversible Bodice BD206 Clothing Womens_Clothing $65
Woman's Cape CAP100 Clothing Womens_Clothing $250
Batiste Cotton Ruffled CH270 Clothing Womens_Clothing $55
Cotton Plain Neckline CH260 Clothing Womens_Clothing $40
Cotton Ruffled Neckline CH262 Clothing Womens_Clothing $45
Linen Plain Neckline CH275 Clothing Womens_Clothing $65
Linen Tucked Front CH273 Clothing Womens_Clothing $75
Balmoral BN250 Hats Balmoral $45
Decorated Low Crown, Poke and Cottage Bonnets Hats Straw Hats $45
1840-1850 Cottage Bonnet CB01 Hats Straw Hats $18
13" Diameter Straw Hats ST130 Hats Straw Hats $15
15" Diameter Straw Hats ST150 Hats Straw Hats $22
18" Diameter Straw Hats ST180 Hats Straw Hats $26
20" Low Crown Straw Hats ST200 Hats Straw Hats $28
1800-1835 Poke Bonnet PB180 Hats Straw Hats $36
Work Cap WC200 Hats Work Cap $16

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